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Welcome to Eagle Mountain Publishing, LC (EMP)

The March 2017 issue of our open-access electronic journal, Mesoamerican Herpetology, has been published...please visit <www.mesoamericanherpetology.com>.

Books published by EMP are listed on this page, and through the Cheap Herp Books section of our store (see right margin) we offer a wide variety of herpetological books, reprints, and sound guides...many at discounted prices. Numerous SSAR titles also are available at reduced prices. 

Biology of the Vipers (2002; edited by Gordon W. Schuett, Mats Hoggren, Michael E. Douglas, and Harry W. Greene) has been out-of-print for several years. Downloadable PDFs of the book chapters are available free of charge (see left margin). 

Recent arrivals: Rattlesnakes of Arizona: Conservation, Behavior, Venom, and Evolution, Volume 2, by Gordon W. Schett et al (Eds.), Amphibians and Reptiles of Hidalgo, by Julio A. Lemos Espinal and James R. Dixon, Amphibians of Costa Rica, by Twan Leenders; Los Anfibios y Reptiles de Hidalgo, Mexico: Diversidad, Biogeografia y Conservation, by Ramirez Bautista et al.; Rattlesnakes of Arizona: Species Accounts and Natural History, Volume 1, by Gordon W. Schuett et al. (Eds); Herpetofauna Mexicana, Volume 1, Snakes of Mexico by P. Heimes; Reptile Life in the Land of Israel by Y. L. Werner; Venezuela y Sus Tortugas by P. Trebbau and P. C. H. Pritchard; A Field Guide to the Reptiles of Sonora by J. C. Rorabaugh and J. A. Lemos-Espinal; Guia Illustrada de los Anfibios del Parque Nacional Canaima, Venezuela by Senaris et al.; Amphibians and Reptiles of the US–Mexico Border States, by Julio A. Lemos-Espinal (Ed.); and Amphibians and Reptiles of Sonora, Chihuahua, and Coahuila, Mexico by Lemos-Espinal et al. 

Note: Recently, we placed several new titles on our website, including books from Chimaira and other European publishers.  



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