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Welcome to Eagle Mountain Publishing, LC (EMP)

The March issue of our open-access electronic journal Mesoamerican Herpetology, has been published––please visit <www.mesoamericanherpetology.com>.

Titles published by EMP are listed below, and through the Cheap Herp Books section of our store (see right margin) we offer a wide variety of herpetological titles at discounted prices. A number of SSAR titles also are available at reduced prices. 

Biology of the Vipers (2002; edited by Gordon W. Schuett, Mats Hoggren, Michael E. Douglas, and Harry W. Greene) has been out-of-print for several years. Downloadable PDFs of the book chapters are available free of charge (see left margin). 

Recent arrivals: We received several dozen titles published by Chimaira and other European publishers (see right margin); Marsupial Frogs: Gastrotheca & Allied Genera by William E. Duellman; Guía Illustrada de los Anfibios del Parque Nacional Canaima, Venezuela by Señaris et al.; Los Crocodylia de Venezuela: Ecología y Conservación by A. E. Seijas; one  copy of Die Schlangen von Venezuela (Lancini and Kornacker, 1989); and Amphibians and Reptiles of the US–Mexico Border States edited by Julio A. Lemos-Espinal. 




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