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Welcome to Eagle Mountain Publishing, LC (EMP)

Our online journal, Mesoamerican Herpetology, has been suspended temporarily, as we search for financial solutions to continue with its publication. All of the published issues will remain available to download on the MH website (www.mesoamericanherpetology.com). Note that we are maintaining a current Taxonomic List for the Mesoamerican herpetofauna on the website.

Biology of the Vipers (2002; edited by Gordon W. Schuett, Mats Höggren, Michael E. Douglas, and Harry W. Greene) has been out-of-print for several years. Downloadable PDFs of the book chapters are available free of charge (see left margin).  

Books published by EMP and selected Featured Items are listed on this page, and through the Cheap Herp Books section of our store (see right margin) we offer a wide variety of herpetological books, reprints, and sound guides...many at discounted prices. 

On the home page, please note that we reduced the prices of two of our titles: Conservation of Mesoamerican Amphibians and Reptiles to $25.00 (original price $135.00) and Amphibians and Reptiles of San Luis Potosí to $50.00 (original price $85.00).

Recently, we received copies of The Dragon Traders: A Collective History of the Reptile Trade in America in the Age of Herpetoculture, by R. Michael Burger, and Boelen's Pythons: Serpents in the Clouds, by Ari Flange. We just received two large boxes of books from Chimaira, in Europe, and we're expecting another box to arrive any day. Several new titles were published recently (see featured items below), as well as another book entitled The Gila Monster Heloderma suspectum: Natural History, Husbandry & Propagation. All of the Chimaira titles (on right margin, click on View Other Categories > Chimaira & Other European Publishers) are in new condition. Note that the prices have gone up somewhat from those in the past, on account of on the current exchange rate of the Euro vs. the US Dollar. We just received hardcover and softcover copies of a new book entitled Reptiles of the Galápagos: Life on the Enchanted Islands (by Alejandro Arteaga et al.)...see below.




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