Bundle #1 (Breviora),

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Original price ca. $20.00 (1) Lowe, Charles H., Jr. 1955. A new species of whiptailed lizard (genus Cnemidophorus) from the Colorado Plateau of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. 47:1–9. (2) Heatwole, Harold. 1968. Herpetology of Puerto Rico. V. Description of a new species of Sphaerodactylus from Desecho Island. Breviora. 292:1–6. (3) Gans, Carl. 1964. Redescription of Ampisbaena dubia Müller (Amphisbaenia: Reptilia). 205:1–11. (4) Laurent, R. F. 1964. A new subspecies of Varanus exanthematicus (Sauria, Varanidae). 199:1–9. (5) Schwartz, Albert. 1974. A new species of primitive Anolis (Sauria, Iguanidae) from the Sierra de Baoruco, Hispaniola. 423:1–19. (6) Williams, Ernest E. 1975. Anolis marcanoi new species: sibling to Anolis cybotes: Description and field evidence. 430: 1–9. (7) Webster, T. Preston. 1975. An electrophoretic comparison of the Hispaniolan lizards Anolis cybotes and A. marcanoi. 431:1–8. (8) Williams, Ernest E. 1979. South American anoles: the species groups. 2. The proboscis anoles (Anolis laevis group). 449:1–19. (9) Miyata, Kenneth. 1985. A new Anolis of the Lionotus group from northwestern Ecuador and southwestern Colombia (Sauria: Iguanidae). 481:1–13.

Title: Bundle #1 (Breviora),

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