Bundle # 2 (Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology),

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Original price ca. $30.00 (1) Laurent, Raymond F. 1968. A re-examination of the snake genus Lycophidion Duméril and Bibron. 136:461–482. (2) Greer, Allen E. 1970. The systematics and evolution of the Subsaharan Africa, Seychelles, and Mauritius Scincine Scincid lizards. 140:1–24. (3) Lazell, James D., Jr. 1973. The lizard genus Iguana in the Lesser Antilles. 145:1–28. (4) Schwartz, Albert. 1967. The Ameiva (Lacertilia, Teiidae) of Hispaniola. III. Ameiva taeniura Cope. 135:345–375. (5) Gorman, George C. and Leonard Atkins. 1969. The zoogeography of Lesser Antillean Anolis lizards - An analysis based upon chromosomes and lactic dehydrogenases. 138:53–80. (6) Maglio, Vincent J. 1970. West Indian Xenodontine colubrid snakes: their probable origin, phylogeny, and zoogeography. 141:1–54.

Title: Bundle # 2 (Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology),

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