Bundle #8 (Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington),

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Original price ca. $35.00 (1) Dunn, E. R. 1915. The variations of a brood of watersnakes. 28:61–68. (2) Dunn, Emmett Reid. 1922. Notes on some tropical Ranae. 34:221–222. (3) Dunn, Emmett R. 1933. A new lizard from Nicaragua. 46:67–68. (4) Ruthven, Alexander G. 1912. Description of a new Anolis from Brazil. 25:163–164. (5) Ruthven, Alexander G. 1913. Description of a new Uta from Nevada. 26:27–30. (6) Ruthven, Alexander G. 1914. Description of a new species of Basiliscus from the region of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. 27:9–12, 1 plate. (7) Ruthven, Alexander G. 1914. Description of a new engystomatid frog of the genus Hypopachus. 27:77–80. (8) Loveridge, Arthur. 1944. Remarks on the gekkonid genera Homopholis and Platypholis with descriptions of a new race. 57:1–4. (9) Loveridge, Arthur. 1946. A new worm-lizard (Ancyclocranium barkeri) from Tanganyika Territory. 59:63–76. (10) Loveridge, Arthur. 1950. New frogs of the genera Cyclorana and Hyla from southeastern Australia. 63:131–138. (11) Loveridge, Arthur. 1950. A new agamid lizard (Agama kirkii fitzsimonsi) from Southern Rhodesi. 63:127–130. (12) Stuart, L. C. 1949. A new Trimetopon (Ophidia) from Guatemala. 62:165–168. (13) Stuart, L. C. 1952. Some new amphibians from Guatemala. 65:1–12. (14) Taylor, Edward H. 1951. Two new genera and a new family of tropical American frogs. 64:33–40. (15) Gloyd, H.K. 1972. The Korean snakes of the genus Agkistrodon (Crotalidae). 85:557–578. (16) Gloyd, Howard K. 1972. A subspecies of Agkistrodon bilineatus (Serpentes: Crotalidae) on the Yucatán Peninsula, México. 84:327–334.

Title: Bundle #8 (Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington),

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