Bundle #9 (Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington),

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Original price ca. $20.00 (1) Davis, William B. and James R. Dixon. 1958. A new Coleonyx from Texas. 71:149–152. (2) Smith, Philip W. and M. Max Hensley. 1957. The mud turtle, Kinosternon flavescens stejnegeri Hartweg, in the United States. 70:201–204. (3) Thompson, Helen B. 1913. Description of a new subspecies of Rana pretiosa from Nevada. 26:53–56. $2.00 (4) Holman, J. Alan. 1973. A huge new xenosaurid lizard from the Upper Miocene of Nebraska. 86:105–112. (5) Burger, W. Leslie, Hobart M. Smith and Floyd E. Potter. 1950. Another Neotenic Eurycea from the Edwards Plateau. 63: 51–58. (6) Davis, William B. 1953. A new horned lizard, genus Phrynosoma from Mexico. 66:27–30. (7) Lynch, John D. 1967. Two new Eleutherodactylus from Western Mexico (Amphibia; Leptodactylidae). 80:211–218. (8) Lowe, Charles H. and William H. Woodin. 1954. A new racer (Genus Masticophis) from Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. 67:247–250. (9) Dixon, James R., Chesley A. Ketchersid and Carl S. Lieb. 1972. A new species of Sceloporus (undulatus group; Sauria, Iguanidae) from Mexico. 84 (38):307–312. (10) Smith, Hobart M. and Philip W. Smith. 1951. A new snake (Tantilla) from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico. 64:97–100. (11) Smith, Philip W. and Hobart M. Smith. 1951. A new lizard (Sceloporus) from Oaxaca, Mexico. 64:101–104. (12) Campden-Main, Simon M. 1970. The identity of Oligodon cyclurus (Cantor, 1839) and revalidation of Oligodon brevicauda (Steindachner, 1867) (Serpentes: Colubridae). 82:763–766.

Title: Bundle #9 (Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington),

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