Bundle # 11 (Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington),

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Original price ca. $27.00 (1) Brimley, C. S. 1912. Notes on the salamanders of the North Carolina Mountains with descriptions of two new forms. 25:135–140, 2 plates. (2) Brimley, C. S. 1909. Some notes on the zoology of Lake Ellis, Craven County, North Carolina, with special reference to herpetology. 22:129–138. (3) Valentine, Barry D. 1963. The plethodontid salamander Phaeognathus: External morphology and zoogeography. 76:153–158. (4) Smith, Philip W. 1956. The status, correct name, and geographic range of the Boreal Chorus Frog. 69:169–176. (5) Smith, Philip W. and Hobart M. Smith. 1963. The systematic status of the lined snake of Iowa. 76:297–304. (6) Barton, A. J. 1956. A statistical study of Thamnophis brachystoma (Cope) with comments on the kinship of T. butleri (Cope). 69:71–82. (7) Clark, Austin H. 1930. Records of the Wood Tortoise (Clemmys insculpta) in the vicinity of the District of Columbia. 43:13–16. (8) Hoffman, Richard L. 1944. Eumeces anthracinus (Baird) in Virginia. 57:122–125. (9) Grobman, Arnold B. 1949. Some recent collections of Plethodon from Virginia with the description of a new form. 63:135–142. (10) Clark, Hubert Lyman. 1903. The short-mouthed snake (Eutainia brachystoma Cope) in southern Michigan. 16:83–88. (11) Harper, Francis. 1963. Amphibians and Reptiles of Keewatin and Northern Manitoba. 76:159–168. (12) Harper, Francis. 1956. Amphibians and Reptiles of the Ungava Peninsula. 69:93–104.

Title: Bundle # 11 (Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington),

Location Published: Washinton, D.C.,, Smithsonian Institution,

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