Reptile & Amphibian Magazine, July / Aug. 1993

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Features: (1) Walls, J. G. A queen and her court: Crayfish Snakes of the genus Regina, (2) Mara, W. P. Keeping Mantella frogs in captivity, (3) Seibert, P. Snake migration at Shawnee National Forest, (4) Glass-Godwin, L. The Red Hills Salamander, (5) Freed, D. Observations of the Web-footed Gecko, (6) Benton, A. H. Blanding’s Turtle, (7) Harris Valle, G. Asiatic cobras: fact and folklore; Hillinger, C. Bangkok’s scientific snake farm, (8) Messonier, S. P. Abscess in an Iguana. Original price $3.50

Title: Reptile & Amphibian Magazine, July / Aug. 1993

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