Bundle # 5 (Contributions in Science)

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Original price ca. $30.00 (1) Montanucci, Richard R. 1987. A phylogenetic study of the horned lizards, genus Phrynosoma, based on skeletal and external morphology. (390): 1-36, 1 plate, (2) Wake, David B. and Paul Elias. 1983. New genera and a new species of Central American salamanders, with a review of the tropical genera (Amphibia, Caudata, Plethodontidae) 345: 1-19, (3) Marlow, Ronald William, John M. Brode and David B. Wake. 1979. A new salamander, genus Batrachoseps, from the Inyo Mountains of California, with a discussion of relationships in the genus. 308: 1-17, (4) Lieb, Carl S. 1985. Systematics and distribution of the skinks allied to Eumeces tetragrammus (Sauria: Scincidae) 357: 1-19, (5) Legler, John M., and John Cann. 1980. A new genus and species of chelid turtle from Queensland, Australia 324: 1-18, (6) Karges, John P. and John W. Wright. 1987. A new species of Barisia (Sauria, Anguidae) fom Oaxaca, Mexico 381: 1-11, (7) Elias, Paul. 1984. Salamanders of the northwestern highlands of Guatemala 348: 1-20, and (8) Bezy, Robert L. 1984. Systematics of Xantusiid lizards of the genus Lepidophyma in northeastern Mexico 349: 1-16.

Title: Bundle # 5 (Contributions in Science)

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