The Vivarium, Volume 7, Number 5,

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Features: (1)Russell, Matt, Natural History and Captive Care of Leaf-tailed Geckos with Emphasis on Uroplatus fimbriatus. (2) Porras, Louis W., Exquisite!!! A Kaleidoscope of Colors: Honduran Milksnakes, Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis. (3) de Vosjoli, Philippe, How to Establish Rheinwardt’s Gliding Treefrogs, Rhacodactylus rheinwardtii. (4) Roof, Lee, Backyard Herpetology: Reintroduction of Native Species. Original price $5.95

Title: The Vivarium, Volume 7, Number 5,

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Categories: All Categories, Natural History, Herpetoculture, Magazines,

Publisher: Escondido, California,, Advanced Vivarium Systems,: 1996

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